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Moving Together Into Singularity

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Version 12.3 International Blockchain Monetary Reserve Whitepaper: ARCC

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Inequality Needs to be Solved

Moving Together Into Singularity


‘I am certain that after the dust of centuries has passed over our cities, we, too, will be remembered not for victories or defeats in battle or in politics, but for our contribution to the human spirit.’   JOHN F. KENNEDY (1962)

The International Blockchain Monetary Reserve,, is on a mission to create a financially inclusive, decentralized economic system for the developing world by empowering the individual.  As we move towards singularity we also move towards the greater exclusion of the majority of the world from the effects of global network effects. 

Asia Reserve Currency Coin, ARCC, is a project nearly two years in the making. Its use case is in creating a successful regional cryptocurrency which is backed by a socio-economic network and currency reserve structure. Our innovations are in how we onboard and empower the urban working poor in a decentralized system through “Social Poof of Work.” The objective is to provide and structure a debt-free micro asset as an incentive for our network to reduce corruption and increase national productivity. We are looking to build upon the achievement represented in Bitcoin and empower the people who for too long have been the unseen, unrepresented and exploited part of humanity and let them decide their own futures.

For those of you who can see that the work and promise of Bitcoin has just started, we ask you to join with us in changing this part of the world by supporting ARCC as you did with Bitcoin. Like those early Bitcoin adopters, the system is created to incentivize all, especially those who are brave enough to share in this vision first. This project has a 40-year economic road map and a team with the experience and dedication to get the job done. Together this is our contribution to the human spirit.

Decentralized Distributed Economics

The International Blockchain Monetary Reserve is focused on developing decentralized distributed economic structures for making a complete financial system that inclusive for everyone.  We are not seeking to disrupt existing national currencies and financial systems, but provide for them additional stability and long term avenues for growth by empowering the urban working poor.  You can find out more about our economic policy, framework and approach through our official medium blog.

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An Introduction to the Asia Reserve Currency Coin, ARCC, a token to be issued by the International Blockchain Monetary Reserve.

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Sinjin David Jung


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Stanley K. Kwok


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Eric Tao


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Conroy Cheng


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Morgan Potter


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Darius Yuen


Social Impact Advisor

Simeon Schnapper


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Mary D'Souza


Capital Market Advisor

Babak Pasdar


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Joel Malasaga C.P.A


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Geraldine Diaz


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Executive Office Project Manager.

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